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Update 2020/11/20

Photon-assisted transport and gain clamping are now supported to simulate lasing above threshold and quantum cascade detectors. This new feature is illustrated in the sample files “MidIR_QCL_InGaAs_InAlAs_Bai_APL2011_GainClamping_12subbbands.xml“ (faster) and “MidIR_QCL_InGaAs_InAlAs_Bai_APL2011_GainClamping_21subbbands.xml” (more accurate) where LIV curves are calculated. The corresponding documentation can be found here: Photon-assisted transport and gain clamping

- Open boundary conditions for simulating e.g. Resonant Tunnelling Diodes (RTDs) are supported. See the 2 sample files in the “RTDs” subfolder of the sample files. Simulation of devices with open boundary conditions

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